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A German wind turbine manufacturer has built a 120 meter wind turbine in the northwest of Hamburg, 60 kilometers away. In the picture, a technician is installing the rotor. Data figure

rendering of Trojan kite generator of Jushan company in Italy. Data figure

not long ago, the first boat pulled by a kite set sail. Now, using kites to generate electricity will also become a reality. When a Trojan horse with a diameter of 100 meters, the joint scientific research team of Professor Chen Yongsheng of the school of chemistry and Professor Tian Jianguo of the school of physics, through three years of research, converts wind energy into 500000 kW of electric energy, the wind power industry will change dramatically, and infinite power will come from heaven

merry go round and fly kites

countries all over the world are paying attention to the development of high-altitude wind energy. Massimo Ippolito, the designer of Jushan company in Italy, plans to put 12 groups of spinning kites at an altitude of 2000 meters to collect wind power, so as to tow a carousel with a diameter of 100 meters to generate electricity. Inspired by the manual direction control principle of hang gliders, he uses a pair of high impedance cables to transmit ground control signals to control the direction and angle of kites. According to Jushan's estimation, the power generation capacity of the Trojan kite generator with a diameter of 100 meters can reach 500000 kW, which is comparable to a nuclear power station

such a powerful Trojan kite generator is not a fantasy. Ippolito will soon see this work designed by himself in Italy. Turin utilities, which intends to develop in the wind power industry, signed a technical cooperation agreement with Jushan and will bear 40% of the prototype manufacturing costs

high altitude wind farm

when Jushan company was looking for a suitable place to build Trojan kites in Italy, Brian Roberts, Professor of mechanical engineering at the University of science and technology, Sydney, Australia, and three other engineers started the test and launched his high altitude windmill program in California and San Diego, the United States. He said: at an altitude of 4600 to 10000 meters, the air flow is strong and stable, making it an ideal air wind farm

in the windmill, the kite and the main components of the windmill generator are designed together, and they will all be lifted into the air, just like a real kite. A generator is installed on the huge support of the kite, and there are four large wind turbines at the four ends of the support. These four wind turbines can rotate like helicopter propellers and fly high into the air with generators. Roberts can use the computer-aided controller of the wind turbine to adjust the tilt angle of the kite against the wind at an ideal height. When the kite finally hovers at an altitude of 10000 meters, the strong air flow with a speed of nearly 320 kilometers per hour will blow the windmill blades to generate electricity

at an altitude of 10000 meters, the atmospheric circulation will never stop. Roberts estimates that his kite generator has a power generation capacity three times higher than the windmill that often sits idle on the ground because there is no wind. It is estimated that 300 such power kites form an upper air windmill in the airspace of 200 square kilometers, which is enough to meet the power demand of the whole city of Chicago

the era of wind power

China's wind power industry started late, but in the past two years, it has grown at an astonishing rate of more than 100%, and has become one of the countries with the fastest growth of wind power in the world

China's total wind energy storage (2) is facing a situation of about 4.35 billion kw, but only 700-1.2 billion kw can be developed and utilized under current technical conditions. In the process of developing new energy, reducing cultivated land resources and building large-scale wind farms may occupy a lot of cultivated land, which is also one of the bottlenecks in the development of China's wind power industry. Ippolito believes that kite power generation equipment covers a small area, but can generate huge energy, which is better than similar projects such as glider generators and windmills, and will become the preferred wind power equipment in the future: as long as appropriate technologies are found to regulate it, it will immediately become strong, and make full use of and integrate the business and resources of the existing leather chemicals and rubber production base in Changzhou

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