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Kitchen intelligence is still in its infancy and has great growth potential in the future.

with the continuous progress of scientific and technological level and Evonik performance materials department will implement a round of price rise development worldwide, as well as the increasing income level of residents, people begin to pay attention to the "quality" improvement of living standards. Clothing, food, housing and transportation are the basic needs of life. "Food is the most important thing for the people", so the kitchen for cooking food has become an important core of the family

nowadays, the kitchen architecture extends slowly from the traditional independent space to the dining room and living room, and gradually becomes people's second living room. In the process of cooking, in addition to the taste buds' demand for food, they also enjoy the fun of cooking. The products in the kitchen have also become more professional, more humanized and more scientific. For example, consumers not only pay attention to the basic performance of range hood products such as "high suction" and "all-round", but also begin to pay attention to hands-free products in the kitchen. Through remote control of range hood, voice interactive control, smoke stove linkage and other products have come out one after another

kitchen intelligence is still in its infancy and has great growth potential in the future

according to the national retail market monitoring data of GfK China, smart refrigerators, smart washing machines and smart air conditioners in Daidian are large in size and relatively mature in consumer cognition; For intelligent kitchen electrical products, the industry has increased significantly, but the market capacity is far from reaching a certain scale, and the penetration of intelligent products has great potential in the future. This is mainly because the intelligent speed of kitchen appliances is later than that of household appliances brands. At present, there are fewer models of intelligent hardware products that can be selected in the kitchen, and the price is higher. The products themselves cannot perfectly grasp the pain points of consumers

according to the range hood data monitored by GfK (China), the number of intelligent range hood models accounts for less than 2%, and the brands that launch intelligent strategies and products account for less than 5%, while the average price of range hood with remote control is 1.46 times that of ordinary range hood. These are the direct reasons for the low popularity of intelligent kitchen appliances at this stage

kitchen is also one of the most suitable scenes for hands-free. In the future, the application viscosity of intelligent kitchen will also be the highest. For example, we all love food, but not everyone is born a chef, so the kitchen naturally forms a scene of hardware and learning cooking; When cooking, you use your hands, which forms a scene of hardware and voice control, gesture control or sensor control; The kitchen is connected with daily necessities such as fresh food and rice noodles, which forms a long-term linkage scene between hardware and ingredients

in fact, in addition to these interactive scenes, the intelligent products in the kitchen are also constantly evolving. The original rice cooker can only cook, but now the rice cooker can cook, or make bread, etc. The product has developed from a single microwave function, steaming or baking function, to a micro steaming oven integrated product. The functions of the product are constantly superimposed, the operation of the product is becoming simpler and simpler, and the product itself is becoming more and more "smart". Therefore, it can be said that intelligent kitchen has infinite potential to be tapped in the future

consumers are willing to pay for smart kitchen appliances. In the next stage, improve the core value of products

with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for smart kitchen appliances, on the basis of intelligent and convenient cooking, health and DIY cooking methods have become indispensable elements for people to live a high-quality life in the future

"Shi" is to regularly apply a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide grease; The indispensable factor to ensure the energy intake of human body and the fast-paced pace of life make people pay more attention to the sensitive characteristics of equipment and the rational use of time. Therefore, the convenient intelligent kitchen will be in line with the cooking direction people choose in the future. At present, there is no complete definition of kitchen intelligence. At this stage, most kitchen intelligent products remain in the following stages, namely, remote app control. Download the app of the purchased brand, and connect the products through Bluetooth or WiFi, such as range hood products, and use the air volume and switch of the range hood; The firepower of gas stoves can be monitored through app. Undoubtedly, as long as there is a network, remote control can be achieved. If you need to download an app to buy kitchen appliances of different brands, our may be occupied by various apps. Therefore, efficient cooking cannot be achieved only by relying on remote control

the smoke stove interconnection technology is also recognized by many consumers. The range hood can sense the firepower of the gas stove and automatically start up, and can achieve the function of wind following the fire, eliminating the manual adjustment process. Internet intelligent technology, that is, the range hood is embedded with a screen, through which people can connect to the Internet to get cooking instructions, watch entertainment programs, and also realize shopping, seek maintenance services and other functions, making the cooking process pleasant, easy and convenient; Voice control technology can control the range hood by speaking words, such as increasing wind power, reducing wind power, turning on and off lights. Of course, manual control is also required in noisy environments or fuzzy voice quality. The above are the current situation of the intelligent development of range hood products. Internet intelligence is people's feeling of intelligent kitchen appliances at this stage

intelligent "kitchen appliances are at the initial stage of development compared with smart appliances. The different stages of intelligent development should have the characteristics of each stage. If the initial stage is characterized by interconnected intelligence, it should be promoted on the basis of existing intelligent technology. The next stage should focus on improving the core value of products, that is, starting the process of artificial intelligence and kitchen appliances learning, for example, On the basis of maintaining their own efficient smoke exhaust, range hood products can also purify the air, sense the indoor temperature and the user's body temperature and heart pulse measurement index, so as to provide consumers with a suitable and pleasant environment and comfortable kitchen temperature; In the future, people will pay more attention to the concept of healthy life, intelligent oven and steamer products, one click order list of items to be purchased in the cooking process, preservation of food nutrition in the process of DIY cuisine, and reasonable treatment of waste gas in cooking, etc

consumers are willing to pay for the current primary Hu intelligent kitchen appliances, but with the development of intelligent kitchen appliances, consumers will choose the next stage of intelligent kitchen appliances to replace the products in the initial stage. In the current hardware conditions and kitchen intelligence environment, promoting the next kitchen intelligence recognized by consumers faces many unknown challenges

the growth of intelligent kitchen products has significantly laid the foundation for the era of whole house intelligence

kitchen intelligence is a scene of whole house intelligence. In addition, there are bedroom scenes, living room scenes, bathroom scenes, security scenes, indoor constant temperature scenes, etc. The intellectualization of these scenarios cannot be separated from the first popularization of intelligent hardware products in the future. From the intelligence rate of household appliances monitored by GfK China, the proportion of retail sales of intelligent air conditioners, intelligent washing machines and intelligent kitchen appliances showed an increasing trend from 2014 to 2017. Although the proportion of retail sales of intelligent kitchen appliances was relatively small, it can be seen that intelligent kitchen products increased significantly in 2018 than before

according to the forecast data of smart retail sales of jiefukai (GfK China) in the national retail market, air conditioning will become the next heavyweight smart product by 2020, and other smart items also have a certain scale of use, laying a hardware foundation for the arrival of the era of whole house intelligence. At the same time, intelligent kitchen will become an indispensable and important part of home interconnection in the future and get greater development

take traditional kitchen appliance range hoods and emerging kitchen appliance dishwashers as examples. According to the forecast data of smart retail sales of GfK China's national retail market, the growth of smart retail sales of emerging kitchen appliance dishwashers is expected to reach 150% in 2018. After both traditional and emerging smart kitchen appliance retail sales growth rates exceed double-digit explosive growth, the price of smart products is more people-friendly and will be recognized and accepted by more consumers, The capacity of intelligent kitchen appliances will form a certain market scale. After 2019, the smart kitchen electrical products will still maintain a steady double-digit growth trend, and the slowdown of the growth trend is expected to enter a new stage of intelligent technology upgrading

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