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Kitchen treasure tempered glass panel increases safety performance

glass, as an ancient building material, is beautiful and dangerous. Glass can be divided into ordinary flat glass and deep processed safety glass. As the name suggests, safety glass has more obvious safety characteristics than ordinary glass. After it is broken by strong impact, it will form small particles without sharp edges and corners, rather than become small fragments that are easy to scratch people like ordinary glass. Therefore, some of the world's most famous cultural relics, such as the Mona Lisa and the declaration of independence, are protected by safety glass

as a specific category of safety glass, the application of tempered glass in architecture is mainly reflected in doors, windows, enclosure structures and decorative structures. For me, the concept of tempered glass first came from an experience on the top floor of the library in college. The glass area of the library is large. A large piece of glass on the top floor is broken, but there is no hole, but a pattern formed by particles

kitchen appliance salesperson said that the reason why kitchen treasure should be 3. Don't use the tempered glass panel for impact machine X-ray safety inspection equipment outdoors is its super safety performance. The strength of tempered glass is several times that of ordinary glass, the tensile strength is more than 3 times, and the impact resistance is more than 5 times. The kitchen is used almost every day, and bumps are inevitable. Even when the kitchen is refitted or moved, the stove may fall off. If the gas stove panel is ordinary glass or other non pressure resistant materials, it is likely to form a potential safety hazard. At this time, the advantages of infrared stove with tempered glass panel are reflected

But the effect of imitating leather

the application of toughened glass panel of chuzhibao infrared stove, like the hard truth of using "silicone rubber line", is to greatly improve the safety performance of stove products and consider the vital interests of those who consume Jinan in the new era. Because of this meticulous consideration, the cost of chuzhibao infrared stove will be much higher than that of ordinary stove, but it is not only safer, but also more beautiful and easier to clean on the basis of safety, bringing a touch of light to the monotonous kitchen

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