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1 about the Microsoft date and time picker control, I'll do as you say. In most cases, data can be found. But if it is less than 10, it is wrong again. For example, if you enter 08:15:10 in the "Microsoft date and time picker" control, the command language under the button will finish executing the alarm query. The starting time =hour1+ "hour" +minute1+ "minute" +second1+ "second"; then you will get 8:15:10 seconds instead of the required 08:15:10 seconds. Without a 0 word, you can't find the data again. Please give me advice and how to solve it.

use the if statement to make a judgment. If it is less than 10, add "0" before it

3 is the problem of setting analog parameter output unstable? Hurry! About setting analog parameter output instability? One of my programs uses Mitsubishi FX2N as the front end developed by 6.02. The communication and data collection are normal, but when I set an address such as "D120" as the maximum value, the analog output is the maximum value, but it soon falls to zero, and then returns to the maximum value. The output keeps changing like this. What I want is a stable maximum output, which will fall to zero. (remove the configuration queen and only see that the PLC output is correct)

the maximum value and the maximum original value should be the same. The minimum value and the minimum original value should be the same. Please check the specific settings

4 why does the view prompt: "failed to create the protocol component"?? I copied a project from others, but when I view it, I will prompt: "failed to create protocol component". Yes, the project cannot run! Is there any way to solve this problem in terms of plastic bags for food

please install the hardware driver provided by Kingview

5. Why can't you drive it [help] let me ask, which version of the downloaded driver is it? I'm using version 6.01 now. How can I not drive it? If the driver doesn't have different versions, how can I drive it? I'm a double queen, click search, but why can't I install it

first put the driver package provided by Kingview (which should at least include the following files: ××. Dll,T, ××. Reg) copy into any path except the Kingview path to install the driver: "search for Asian control products" select the searched reinstallation driver, and it is best to install the latest driver provided on the station

6 how to use kvdbgrid to realize data query

when you want to query the alarmdate of the database, enter: ere= "alarmdate=" + this site query date

7 Kingview 6.03 "failed to create protocol component", what is the error and how to deal with it

check whether the driver of the device you are using is installed. If it is not installed, this may happen.

8 ask another question about the real-time report. I made my own example according to the example provided by Kingview. The statement is similar to that in the example, but the real-time report cannot display the changes of variables in the current time period when running. What are the general reasons for this problem? The reportsetcellvalue function is used. Previously, different variable values are used according to time segments to display variables in different rows in different time periods. If ($hour ==23) {line =27;}//Report =1; string ss; Reportsetcellvalue ("real time report", line, 2, this site raw material tank liquid level); Similar to this statement, but it can't be displayed at present. What places are generally checked

reference is as follows: row= this site $seconds +1; Reportsetcellstring ("lishibaobiao", row, 1, this site $date); Reportsetcellstring ("lishibaobiao", row, 2, this site $time); Reportsetcellvalue ("lishibaobiao", row, 3, this site feed oil level)

9 about data jumping? The data collected by most boards and modules will jump, but the on-site signal is stable. How can we stabilize the data? What are the methods

1) add "dead zone" 2) reduce "accuracy" 3) "weighted average" 1. The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated value. There may be interference in the process of the signal to the display instrument. I have encountered this problem during debugging. The signal at the measuring end is correct, but the signal on the patrol instrument is unstable. For example, in the second half of 2014, the more important plastic material transactions in the United States included: frequency converters and other large electrical equipment because natural bio based high molecular materials have green, environment-friendly, renewable raw materials and biodegradable characteristics that traditional high molecular materials do not have. It is recommended to remove the shield wire or not connect the shield wire

10 for the setting of the running system, please consult lanzifen: for the safety of the running system, under "running system settings", select "prohibit exiting the running system", "prohibit task switching" and "prohibit ALT key", hide all menus and disable "maximize" and "minimize" buttons, and set it to automatically run Kingview during system operation. Does this mean that this PC can never run other programs, Can't realize normal shutdown (only power off and force shutdown if you want to shut down)

you can set corresponding function buttons in the screen, and then set operation permissions for these buttons. In this way, only those with operation permission can operate

11 ask about the use of video animation controls. If you can use video controls, do you have special requirements for video cards? For example, do you have to use a company's video card? The video card I use now can collect images, but it can't be displayed in Kingview. So, I want to ask, does Kingview need a specific video card

video card is required. It is recommended to use the product of Tianmin company, which needs to support VFW format

12. Download the driver and cannot drive???: ([help] I use Kingview version 6.0, XP system. Why can't I drive it? I can't drive it even if I install version 6.5! But I still can't drive it when I modify version 6.5. The installation tool is downloaded from the top. The problem always lies in the installation of [.Dll] Error in file

install 6. Other versions such as 6 must be confirmed before 5. 01 including its drive program, delete it first and then install it 6. 5. The DLL file at start/run/input: Regsvr32 DLL first register and try

13 how to set the running sequence of the project screen? How to set the opening sequence of multiple screens in the development system and how to set the screen in the running system

if you want to do

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