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Henan: kiwifruit takes a green mail car out of the mountains

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Xixia County, Henan Province, is filled with the joy of a bumper harvest in the golden autumn. A few days ago, in an orchard in Huangshi village, Qiaozhen Town, Wuli County, in terms of cost, fruit farmer Zhu Yunhan looked at another batch of kiwi fruit loaded on the green mail car and smiled, "thanks to Henan post, we helped our kiwi fruit get on the e-commerce express. With rural e-commerce, kiwi fruit has really become an industry for our farmers to get rid of poverty and increase income."

Xixia County, located in the hinterland of 800 mile Funiu Mountain, is located at the junction of Henan and Shaanxi provinces. It is "the hometown of Chinese kiwi fruit", and "Xixia kiwi fruit" is also a national geographical indication product. At present, the county has built a kiwi fruit base of 135000 mu, with an annual output of 75000 tons, and the scale and output of the base rank first in the country

the Xixia kiwi fruit in the deep mountains has large output and good quality. How to expand its sales and realize the increase of production and income has become the bottleneck faced by local farmers. "In previous years, we either waited for others to collect, or we contacted buyers everywhere by ourselves. The price fluctuated greatly, and it was easy to have unsalable products. Sometimes when we saw that kiwi fruit couldn't be sold, our efforts would be wasted, and we were so anxious that we got angry." Ma Cheng, head of wanshanhong Kiwi professional cooperative, said

in order to serve the revitalization of rural areas and help farmers increase their income and become rich, Henan post branch took the "919" e-commerce shopping festival of China Post as an opportunity to carry out the "Xixia kiwi · love to help farmers" activity, giving full play to the network advantages of postal services in urban and rural areas and covering the whole country, relying on online platforms such as postal music and postal music stores, and offline physical channels such as postal points and postal Tesco service stations automatically generate serial number points after sample login, Combining online and offline publicity and promotion, expand sales, and also help fruit farmers implement the "four unified" operation mode of "unified regional brand, unified packaging logo, unified quality standard, unified postage discount", which has improved the brand image and popularity of Henan local high-quality agricultural products

data show that at present, Xixia kiwi fruit has sold nearly 60000 pieces, about 150000 kg, through postal channels. "Postal service conscientiously implemented the central enterprise, helped the characteristic high-quality agricultural products out of the remote mountains, polished the 'gold lettered signboard' of our local agricultural products, and farmers could sell all their fruits without leaving home and have a good income." Wang Huashu, deputy head of Xixia County, praised

it is reported that in recent years, Henan post has innovated the service mode of "post + platform + e-commerce + agricultural products", worked hard to build a two-way channel of "industrial products to the countryside and agricultural products to the city", effectively solving the problem of difficult to buy and sell in rural areas, opened poverty alleviation local pavilions covering all national poverty-stricken counties in the province, established 41600 postal convenience service stations, and created a postal characteristic 1 E-commerce poverty alleviation mode if the limit lever does not reply in time. This month, Henan post helped sell 28.33 million agricultural products, which was welcomed by farmers

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