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Krauss Maffei group has integrated Krauss Maffei, Krauss Maffei Berstorff and Netstal PPCs to finally realize mass production brands when Krauss Maffei reached this range. On chinaplas2013, Krauss Maffei focused on skinform processing technology The whole pipe production line and PET bottle blank and bottle cap system made in China

according to Harald Schweitzer, CEO of Klaus mafi China, the company has achieved two major developments in China. "First of all, we moved westward from the coastal areas one by one, increasing our sales and service bases in the interior. Second, the expansion of the plant in Haiyan, Zhejiang was completed early, and the production capacity basically doubled." At present, Klaus Maffei has begun to assemble large MX series injection molding machines in Haiyan plant, mainly serving the domestic automotive industry

Shi Wenzhe, CEO of Klaus mafi China

Shi Wenzhe also pointed out that the company was optimistic that the pet market would grow significantly in China, so at last, the customer of Haiyan industry went to other places to see and set up pet laboratories and training centers. As for the performance of Klaus Murphy in China last year, he said it was better than that in 2011. He also said that the market had not regressed, but the growth rate was slightly slower than that in the previous two years

in addition, Frank Peters, vice chairman of Kraus Murphy Sales Department, added that this time the group will show a complete skin form system in Asia for the first time, using polyurethane injection molding to improve the quality and aesthetic feeling of components. He said, "we see several development directions of the Chinese market. First, due to wage inflation, manufacturers are more eager for automation equipment; in addition, the automotive industry hopes to 'go global' and urgently improve product quality; at the same time, they need high-efficiency, low-energy machinery to cope with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. In the market, the concept of electric transportation has sprung up, creating lightweight components."

note: this year marks the 175th anniversary of Klaus Murphy

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