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Miyou optoelectronics invested 60million yuan to establish an optoelectronic industry research institute with Peking University

recently, miyou's recycled plastic granulator, as the main processing machine, will have a new batch of new energy models announced by the Ministry of radio, industry and information technology. Aluminum companies such as China Zhongwang will welcome customers with large tuyeres for new energy vehicles. The comprehensive construction of optoelectronic technology R & D and testing center has been completed, and the company's R & D and innovation strength has been further improved. It is reported that miyou photoelectric testing laboratory is a Peking University (Yancheng) photoelectric industry research institute jointly established with Peking University, covering an area of 6500 square meters and a total investment of 60million yuan

the research and development scope of the institute involves led advanced packaging technology, intelligent lighting, micro spacing display, visible light communication, semiconductor packaging materials, plant lighting, etc. The Institute has 13 research and development laboratories and an anechoic chamber, including optical research and development laboratory, environment and reliability research and development laboratory, EMC electromagnetic compatibility research and development laboratory and CSP research and development laboratory

all research laboratories provide advanced, fair and economic overall solutions. The equipment of the development laboratory adopts internationally leading high-end equipment, which has a strong guarantee in terms of stability and accuracy

the comprehensive completion of miyou optoelectronic technology R & D and testing center has prompted miyou to continuously improve its R & D capabilities, continue to innovate, quickly integrate relevant technical indicators through standardized operation, and provide more authoritative and accurate technical support for the R & D, design, manufacturing and quality assurance of the company's products

all R & D laboratories have passed the national CNAs and nvlap certification, and have been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of energy (DOE). They can issue authoritative reports for the "Energy Star" and "lighting fact" certification of lighting products, and become TUV's partner as their ERP witness laboratory

the company must pay attention to the volume change of refrigeration materials caused by temperature. After being approved by CNAs laboratory, the test report can be stamped with CNAs and ILAC marks, and the test data issued has international authority. This marks that miyou optoelectronics has taken a solid step in technology research and development capabilities and management capabilities, which will further enhance miyou's influence and brand recognition in the LED industry and continue to improve the international competitiveness of its products

the Peking University (Yancheng) Optoelectronic Industry Research Institute, jointly built by miyou optoelectronics and Peking University, will focus on the research and development of the LED industry, and carefully build miyou into an internationally renowned LED packaging device enterprise and a solid force in the LED packaging industry. At the same time, we should adhere to collaborative innovation, jointly promote the innovative development and progress of the LED industry, and improve the development level of the LED industry

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