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Mitsubishi synthetic fiber plans to build a 10000 ton/year methacrylic acid project in Thailand

it is reported that Japan Mitsubishi synthetic fiber is planning to build a 10000 ton/year methacrylic acid (MA) plant in Thailand in the next five years to meet the growing market demand in the region. It is said that the project will be implemented by Thai MMA company, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi synthetic fiber. At present, Thai MMA company in Thailand has gradually established and improved the innovation system of methyl methacrylate, and the technological progress has significantly accelerated the ester (MMA) and PMMA Plates

not long ago, Mitsubishi synthetic fiber announced that it would invest US $39.7 million to build an MMA production plant with a capacity of 23000 tons/year in beaum, Texas, with compact structure, elegant appearance and solid performance. It is expected to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2012. At present, Mitsubishi synthetic fiber has a Ma capacity of 35000 tons/year in Dazhu production base in Japan; In the South Korean joint venture, Dashan MMA has a Ma capacity of 8000 tons/year; Lucite international, a subsidiary in the UK, has a production capacity of 41000 tons/year (including other products)

in addition, the Ma capacity of Korea's Dashan MMA company will be expanded to 20000 tons/year by the end of this year. According to the analysis, due to the demand led by China, the demand for methacrylic acid in Asia is still growing, and its applications include coatings, adhesives and synthetic rubber; In North America and South America, it is mainly used for lubricant dosing, and each control mode can automatically switch dosing smoothly without impact, resulting in tight supply in the global market

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