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MMC announced the launch of a new tethered UAV power system

mmc announced the launch of a new tethered UAV power system

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mmc announced the launch of the company's new T1 UAV tether system, which provides direct power and 24/7 potential flight time for UAVs

mmc has played an active role in eliminating the durability bottleneck of I-po battery UAV, which will cause some problems in the experimental process, said Leo Liu, CEO of MMC. T1 tether system provides a cheap solution for prolonging flight time and UAV application - it brings many opportunities to the commercial market

the system supports many professional UAVs, including MMC tdrone 1200, DJI matrix 600, DJI S1000, yuneec Typeon h, parrot 2, which are robust data processing functions bebop 2 and microdrones MD. The system can be customized to meet customer requirements

the use of tether systems connected to low-cost professional UAVs provides a viable durability solution for commercial UAV programs. MMC's T1 general unmanned aerial vehicle network sharing system brings long flight time to the new market without investing in larger enterprise solutions, such as alternative fuel unmanned aerial vehicles

t1 tether system features:

unlimited tether power of UAV, all-weather operation

cables up to 200m flight altitude suitable for various commercial applications

customizable and UAV independent

integrated design combines network sharing system with plug and play payload. In order to ensure correct online connection, for different tasks

t1 tether system is an ideal choice for continuous UAV flight in a limited area. Applications such as continuous air monitoring, telecommunications, traffic monitoring, mobile network relay stations, industrial inspection, air monitoring, etc. benefit from tethered UAV technology when the pendulum is stopped by the brake. Integrated with MMC's plug and play payload system, it can provide a variety of sensors and realize a variety of different industrial applications through a single UAV

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