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Mixed yogurt production equipment is popular in Europe

yogurt is a necessity for Europeans. France consumes 35 kg of yogurt per capita every year, mainly fruit flavored yogurt. The consumption of yogurt in other European countries is no less than that in France, and gradually changes from single flavor yogurt to multi flavor yogurt. In France, the sales volume of mixed quadruple cup yogurt accounts for 30%, mixed six cup yogurt accounts for 10%, and mixed two cup yogurt accounts for 20%

mixed quadruple cup yogurt is one third more expensive than single flavor yogurt. The high-end mixed quadruple cup yogurt is half more expensive than the single flavor yogurt

at present, according to industry estimates, food manufacturers all over the world need 100 high-end automatic packaging equipment every year. French Angel company designs a multi-functional integrated production line for plastic thermoforming, filling, capping and packaging, which can produce eight cups of mixed yogurt. As long as one person is on the production line, all four cups and six cups of yogurt can be completed. The production capacity of this filling machine ranges from 5000 to 9000 cups/hour. European food enterprises like to use multi-functional integrated medium and high-end filling machines with a production capacity of more than 14000 cups/hour, which can process different plastic sheets, different product shapes, volumes and conjoined cups. France Angelo has 350 multifunctional integrated filling machines, producing 100million cups of products every day in 30 countries in the world. In addition, France's Eka and Fengxin companies lead the world in peel strength: peel strength is an important indicator of how to measure the adhesive performance of self-adhesive labels. The multi-function of thermoforming in the food industry is required to ensure the completion of the company's project requirements while integrating the development and production of filling machines, which can flexibly and quickly change the configuration of production lines, and can produce different products, different cup yogurt Meet the needs of different health standards. At present, the company has 2000 equipment operating in many countries in the world

however, there are many single function filling machines in China, which are difficult to process mixed quadruple cup yogurt. Some manufacturers adopt adding filling heads to process mixed quadruple cup yogurt, but the cleaning is inconvenient, unsanitary, low production efficiency and high cost, which affect the quality of yogurt. At the same time, the sales of yogurt varieties in most dairy factories are different, which makes it difficult to sell combined yogurt. Therefore, mixed acids including polycarbonate, polystyrene, TPU, pet, PBA, polyvinyl alcohol, polyformaldehyde and replaceable bioplastics, transparent materials and flexible materials are still in the bud. With the increasing demand for yogurt in China year by year, the development of hybrid quadruple cup yogurt production equipment will have broad prospects

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