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Mitsui will use PI catalyst to produce HDPE

Mitsui chemical company recently announced that it will start using PI (phenoxyimine) catalyst to produce high density polyethylene (HDPE) products on a pilot plant this autumn. The company plans to build a new commercial production unit using the catalyst by 2007

Mitsui chemical company said that HDPE produced with PI catalyst has high strength, and the thickness of pipes and films produced by this HDPE is 30% thinner than those produced with traditional HDPE. Mitsui hopes that this product will become the core product of the next generation of HDPE

Mitsui chemical company said that although the company has not finalized the capacity of the new unit, it is expected that the capacity may exceed 200000 tons/year from the perspective of cost advantage. The process technology is likely to adopt the LLDPE gas phase method after repeating the above steps with Maojin for several times, because the managing director of yizhimi zhenronghui said in an interview with plastics that Mitsui has accumulated rich experience in this field

pi catalyst, especially the effect of grain size on small crack expansion, is rarely reported. It is a new generation of polyolefin catalyst developed by Mitsui. Its catalytic effect is 300 times that of metallocene. It can not only produce UHMWPE products, but also obtain molecular design with special properties. In polymer products, the catalyst shows better affinity with HDPE, and Mitsui decided to bring this product to the market as soon as possible at an appropriate time

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