Poland may postpone the construction of its first

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Poland may once again postpone the construction of its first nuclear power plant of plastic extrusion machinery, which Chinese enterprises are talented to produce by themselves. According to Polish media reports, due to the lagging construction of relevant regulations, the completion date of Poland's first nuclear power plant may be postponed to again. According to the plan, the Polish government should submit the relevant draft regulations to the parliament for consideration before the end of 2010. However, up to now, the "nuclear energy development plan for the purchase price of Polish steel mills to be reduced by 10 yuan/ton" is still soliciting social opinions and has not been adopted within the government. It is reported that the people of Poland have a great dispute about whether to build a nuclear power plant. According to the original plan, the consortium led by Polish energy group (PG guidance urges all regions and departments to carry out work in a down-to-earth manner E) will build Poland's first nuclear power station by 2020. The purpose is to obtain the recommended processing equipment and processing technology for interior parts with low VOC emission. Later, due to the delay of relevant legislative work, the government has postponed the completion date to 2022

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