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Overview of the policy development of the paper industry green and energy conservation are the key

release date: Source: Chinese paper author: Zhong Xiaowen

paper making is one of the four major inventions in China, and the paper industry is an important industry closely related to the development of the national economy and the construction of social civilization. In economically developed countries, the growth rate of fastener paper and paperboard consumption is synchronized with the growth rate of GDP. China has always adopted supportive policies for the paper industry. From the previous "Ninth Five Year Plan" of the paper industry to the recent "fourteenth five year plan" of the national economy, the country has also set different development guidelines for the paper industry

the Ninth Five Year Plan of the paper industry was a period of structural adjustment of the paper industry. At that time, there were mainly problems such as the imbalance between production and demand was still prominent, the product structure did not adapt to the new changes in market demand, the raw material structure was unreasonable, and the technology was backward. Therefore, the focus at that time was mainly on deepening reform, adjusting the structure, and improving the quality of growth

the Tenth Five Year Plan for the paper industry focuses on structural adjustment, focuses on reform, highlights three priorities (key products, key enterprises, and key regions), and focuses on six adjustments (raw materials, products, enterprises, technology, regions, and investment) to promote the sustainable development of the paper industry

during the period from the eleventh five year plan to the thirteenth five year plan, we will continue to implement the strategy of sustainable development and build a modern paper industry with Chinese characteristics that is innovative in science and technology, resource-saving and environment-friendly

in the "14th five year plan" and the outline of long-term goals for 2035 released this year, it is proposed to expand the supply of high-quality products such as light industry and textiles, and speed up the enterprises in key industries such as chemical industry and papermaking. It is assumed that we will directly measure, transform and upgrade this signal, and improve the green manufacturing system

in recent years, the national environmental protection policy has been gradually tightened, and the development focus of the paper industry is not only the pursuit of economic benefits, but also the realization of social and ecological benefits. Many paper enterprises have achieved sustainable development, from raw materials, production processes to emissions, and are moving towards a green manufacturing system

as China's first paper-making enterprise to realize "Forest Pulp paper integration", so far, app (China) has 17 forestry companies and 2 large nurseries under its jurisdiction. Since 1995, it has successively planted nearly 270000 hectares of artificial forests in China, realizing a virtuous cycle in raw materials

sun paper has been focusing on green papermaking for many years. Its "key technology and industrialization of clean preparation of high-purity biomass cellulose" project has won the "commendation award of China Industry Award". This project is a world-class innovation achievement in the field of new materials and new energy of biomass engineering technology in China

Vida international won the "green finance certification pre issuance certificate" issued by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Bureau, and became the first FMCG company in Hong Kong to raise green loans, and won the "outstanding green loan issuing agency" in the "Hong Kong Sustainable Development Finance award 2020"

nowadays, with the implementation of the strictest "plastic restriction order", the "replacing plastic with paper" has brought great development opportunities to the paper industry. Green packaging and degradable materials have also prompted the paper industry to carry out technological innovation. How can paper enterprises grasp the dividends of the "replacing plastic with paper" supply side reform, and effectively turn opportunities into benefits, from the market, products All round innovation in raw materials and production to meet the needs of customers has become a common pain point and breakthrough for paper enterprises at present, and it will also be a powerful answer to test the strength of China's paper enterprises

it is worth mentioning that China has proposed to strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, strive to achieve the goal of carbon neutralization by 2060, and formulate an action plan for peak carbon emissions under the climate conditions when the test piece contacts the back end of the upper platen, so as to realize the green and low-carbon development of the industry. At present, "carbon neutrality" has become the "hot spot" of the development of various industries, and also the key to the future development of the paper industry. Paper enterprises should make full use of this strategic opportunity to realize the leapfrog development of enterprises

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